Invest in China

We provide foreign companies a “package service” in making their investment in China more smoothly:

◆ Company/branch/rep office registration
◆ Legal & tax consultation, accounting and auditing, supervising
◆ Your “quality staff” concept, doing everything for you from name card printing to accounting and auditing
◆ Look for office locations and provide “ready to use office” by arranging office renovation, equipment purchase etc.
◆ Look for staff
◆ Arranging opening ceremony and relevant events
◆ Chinese website design, IT service for office and printing service


AC Serendip AG | IBS Industrial Business Software (Shanghai) Ltd
CON MOTO Consulting Group GmbH | MENTOR Electronics & Technology (Shanghai) Ltd.
Viessmann China Limited | B+M Surface Systems GmbH
Shanghai Eisvogel Trading Co., Ltd. | INDEX TRADING (SHANGHAI) CO., LTD
Jean Mueller Electric (Shanghai) Co., Ltd | Maschinenfabrik Gerd Mosca AG
Nettelhoff Kommutatortechnik GmbH | Novado GmbH